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Sarah Wehmeyer
M.Sc. | assistant researcher and lecturer
Münster, *1988

Studied architecture at Leibniz University Hanover. Worked at architectural practices in Münster, Winterthur und Hanover. Master's degree 2015, since then working at an architectural practice in Hanover, as well as research assistant at the department a_ku (Architecture + Art 20th/21st century), IGTA, Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences, Leibniz University Hanover.

Doctorate in progress titled 'The Collage as Practice of a Researching Design Method' supervised by Prof. Dr. Margitta Buchert

Publication: Sarah Wehmeyer, Collages Interactions. A specific form of design and research processes, in: Margitta Buchert (ed.), Processes of Reflexive Design, Berlin: Jovis 2018, 124-140