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Abstract _ Moritz Othmer

architecture as a component of city
Tansformation of near city-center waterfronts along the river Rhein

The planned dissertation deals with the topic of the determining factor of built architecture and its perception in aspects of urban contexts. The setting of the research is defined by the field of the contemporary discussion of urbanity in relation with the development of cities, as process controlling factor, just as the domain of the aesthetics in the discourse of the space of the city.
The observation of revitalized waterfronts along the river Rhein will focus on the formation and the variable readings of those observed spaces on scale of urban development and architecture. This approach leads to a qualitative characterization of the assignment in the terms of configuration of space and its readings. The chosen frame for comparison is a multiple case study in which the case studies of “Kölner Rheinauhafen” and the “Düsseldorfer Medienhafen” are compared for their accesses in the terms of formation urban spaces.

The aim of this research is to analyze which potentials and qualities by the task of transformation of near city-center waterfronts are given and which designing developments could potentially lead to vital urban places. To reclaim the results of research in a form of designing components is aimed.
Through this method of exposure the projective potential of revitalized near city-center waterfronts shall lead to a clarification of the meaning as well as to a systematical approach of understanding the assignment of architecture in terms of the space of cities.