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a_ku offers lectures, seminars and tutorials to bachelor students providing knowledge on history and theory of ar­chitecture and design. Different topics each semester relate to four general topics:

Learning from Modernity
Design Methodology
Architectural Concepts & Media
Design & Aesthetics (Theory+Practice) 

Graduate students wishing to pursue their own research and projective studies, to enhance scientific skills and gain new insights are provided with support to their individual master's theses and are offered advanced courses relating to three general topics:

Theory of Contemporary Architecture
Design Theories
Urban Architecture
Reflexive Design
On tour


Learning from Modernity

Introduction into the history and theory of architecture, the city, landscape and arts from the beginning of modernity to the present using the example of ideas, processes and projects that came into operation globally and locally with the development and transformation of modernism. Central topics and works are introduced and discussed with regard to the complex historical and transdisciplinary coherences as well as their relevance for contemporary practices of architecture. Based on comprehensive and thematically structured lectures, tutorials focus on and develop further specific aspects through readings and case studies.

Lecture, seminar, tutorial   B.Sc. architecture
Mondays   15-18h   lecture: C050
seminar, tutorial: C007, C114, B049, B053


Architectural concepts + media

To develop concepts for well-known as well as for complex and unpredictable tasks and to be able to communicate them in different ways is considered to be a central task of architecture and planning. Starting with presentations by international architects at this year's Architecture Biennale in Venice, the seminar will examine positions, approaches, projects and modes of presentation. The goals formulated by the curators Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, namely to show the collective foundations of the architectural discipline as well as to present innovative concepts and sustainable values and designs in essential qualities of architecture and its physical and spatial characteristics as well as in their relations to the city, will be taken up and explored projectively in the seminar.

Seminar    B.Sc. architecture
Wednesdays   9-12h   +block course 21st Nov - 22nd Nov 2018
Start: Wed 17th Oct 2018   C007



Winter Academy 'Thinking architecture'

Simplicity as the result of a creative process can have different forms. In the design disciplines, the concept has been discussed and tested in many ways. But what do limitation and/or reduction to the essential mean today? What challenges and possibilities are thereby presented for creative thinking and creation? Aim of the course is to thematise, question and develop this. By exchanging different perspectives on the design and inhabitation of the world, horizons can be broadened and strategies discussed. Architecture and landscape architecture as central cultural practices will emerge in particular in their anthropological - aesthetic, social and ethical - dimensions. The one-week workshop of the Winter Academy 'Thinking Architecture' offers a free space for individual as much as occupational qualification. Through reading, reflection and discussion, analytical and methodical competences as well as argumentation skills are promoted. 

Workshop + initials
M.Sc. architecture and urban design + landscape architecture
B.Sc. architecture + landscape architecture 

3x Tuesdays   10-13h   B049
Start: Tue 23rd Oct 2018   10h   B049
Workshop: 4th - 8th Feb 2019


Theory of contemporary architecture
Japan and the West

Japanese culture and aesthetics form a striking impulse for Western modernism to the present day. Starting from design stories in Western architecture, outstanding concepts and projects from Japan will be explored. In addition, ideas and works by Japanese architects and artists realized in the West will be examined and compared. The exemplary transfer experiences expand the knowledge of European and non-European architecture as well as the possibilities of independent development of creative processes and strategies of design productivity.

Specific characteristics and modes of perception will be explored and dimensions of meaning for architecture, art, city and open space will be analysed in a comparative way using exemplary concepts and projects, reflected in their anthropological and cultural contexts and discussed with regard to their practical qualities.

Seminar   accompanying seminar to Bachelor thesis,
M.Sc. architecture and urban design + landscape architecture
Mondays   17-20h   +block course 26th - 28th Nov 2018
Start: Mon 29th Oct 2018   B063


Reflexives Design : fresh perspectives

Focused on the subject area 'Fresh perspectives', already acquired architectural knowledge and design models in architecture and urban planning are to be reflected upon, investigated and developed further projectively. A systematic and at the same time open approach oriented to individual questions forms the specific character of this project. Questions can be explored, for example, about the relevance of thinking and creating of role models for contemporary architecture or one's own work (persons, ideas or modes of action), about pictorial, textual or object-like references and found objects (such as references to nature or science I architecture and works of art I cities, landscapes or everyday situations) or about exemplary concepts for contemporary tasks and developments in architecture and urban development (such as density I habitat I reconstruction). Students are offered the opportunity to strengthen their design attitudes, composition tools and scientific skills.

Project long   M.Sc. architecture and urban design
Tuesdays   13-17h   every second week
Start:   23th Oct 2018   B063



Free short project
On Tour

This free project offers students the opportunity to reflect upon and further research newly gained architectural knowledge, questions and methods by means of a individually chosen subject. In the outcome, specific qualities and potentials for the architectural design and the development of our environment shall be pointed out. This process of new experiences and reflections is documented in a scientifically-systematically, either in written form or by using intermedia forms or both. The structure of the topic, as well as the means of working it out are being individually overlooked. By means of this project it is possible to develop a more fundamental understanding of the concept, realisation, argument and communication of architectural designs, exhibition and research projects.

Short project   M.Sc. architecture and urban design
Tuesdays   13-17h   every second week
Start:   23rd Oct 2018   B063