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a_ku offers lectures, seminars and tutorials to bachelor students providing knowledge on history and theory of ar­chitecture and design. Different topics each semester relate to four general topics:

Learning from Modernity
Design Methodology
Architectural Concepts & Media
Design & Aesthetics (Theory+Practice) 

Graduate students wishing to pursue their own research and projective studies, to enhance scientific skills and gain new insights are provided with support to their individual master's theses and are offered advanced courses relating to three general topics:

Theory of Contemporary Architecture
Design Theories
Urban Architecture
Reflexive Design
On tour



Design Methodology:
Architecture and Landscape

Ways of shaping architecture will be presented by using examples from the history and the present of architecture, landscape and the city. Thematically structured lectures focus on cultural significance and fields of application of design paradigms as well as on specific procedures and patterns of thought. By linking ideas, design components and case studies tutorials enlarge upon and discuss methods in regard to its viability, transferability, and its cultural range.

Compulsory module 'Geschichte und Theorie C'
BSc architecture

Lectures and tutorials

On Mondays   14-17h
Start:   Mo, April 27th, 2020   14h  lecture | recording via Stud.IP   15:30h  exercise course | Skype, meeting link via Stud.IP Wiki



Urban Architecture Europe*

Far less than by its geographical borders, 'Europe' is defined at various levels - from the historical and political, to the cultural and ideal - by the idea of the collective. In terms of its metropole cities, however, the European is characterised by an urban diversity that can hardly be found on any other continent. Yet current, transnational health and economic crises and negative developments in urban space are increasingly leading to a loss of these values and characteristics. For architecture and landscape architecture, this opens up a number of challenges and exciting opportunities to develop new visions.

How can different urban situations be (re)articulated in their urban characters and structures through the interaction of architecture and open space? How can collective spaces be developed in urban structures that bring the idea of the communal as an urban and European concept back into focus? Using eight European cities as examples, the various facets of mission statements, positions and projects will be examined and discussed comparatively with regard to their transferability and sustainability.

Elective module
M.Sc. architecture and urban design, accompanying module for bachelor's thesis


Mondays   18-20h   block course June 8th-10th
Start:   Mo, April 27th, 2020   18h   Skype, meeting link via Stud.IP Wiki




On Tour

The Free Project offers students the opportunity to reflect on and further explore newly acquired architectural knowledge, questions or methods on the basis of a freely chosen topic. The output should point out special features and potentials of the topic for the architectural design and development of our environment. The process of experience and reflection is documented in writing and/or across media in a scientific-systematic form. Thematic structuring, structure and development paths are individually supervised. The project work can be used to develop a deeper understanding of the conception, implementation, argumentation and communication of architectural designs, exhibition projects or written and media research work.

M.Sc. architecture and urban design

Free Short Project

Tuesdays   13–17h
Start:   Tue, April 28th, 2020   13h   Skype, meeting link via Stud.IP



Spaces and Places

Space and place form both essential and complex architectural concepts and design concerns and a base for the perception of space. In the context of different cultural changes they have gained an increasing relevance in current discourses, processes and projects. Revolving around the thematic field `spaces & places´ architectural knowledge and alternative design models in the field of architecture and urban design will be scrutinized and developed. Both a systematic and an open approach form the specific character of this project being conducted by individual research questions. Goals may include e.g. to question the relevance of concepts (conceived, lived, perceived space I authenticity I core I placelessness I media space) or the shape of typologies (street I square I arcade I passage I court I atrium I stairway), to scrutinize transformations of the already existing build environment (palimpsest I alteration I re-use I densification) or to look for specific design strategies (from inside to outside I creating place I choreographing). The output should present diverse potentials and be reported by writing and other media (research portfolio with text I visualization). Students will have the opportunity to strengthen their design attitude and composition skills as well as to improve their scientific competences.

M.Sc. architecture and urban design

Free Long Project – Reflexive Design

Tuesdays   13–17h
Start:   Tue, April 28th, 2020   13h   Skype, meeting link via Stud.IP