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a_ku offers lectures, seminars and tutorials to bachelor students providing knowledge on history and theory of ar­chitecture and design. Different topics each semester relate to four general topics:

Learning from Modernity
Design Methodology
Architectural Concepts & Media
Design & Aesthetics (Theory+Practice) 

Graduate students wishing to pursue their own research and projective studies, to enhance scientific skills and gain new insights are provided with support to their individual master's theses and are offered advanced courses relating to three general topics:

Theory of Contemporary Architecture
Design Theories
Urban Architecture
Reflexive Design
On tour




Learning from Modernity

Introduction into the history and theory of architecture, the city, landscape and arts from the beginning of modernity to the present using the example of ideas, processes and projects that came into operation globally and locally with the development and transformation of modernism. Central topics and works are introduced and discussed with regard to the complex historical and transdisciplinary coherences as well as their relevance for contemporary practices of architecture. Based on comprehensive and thematically structured lectures, tutorials focus on and develop further specific aspects through readings and case studies.

Lecture, tutorial   B.Sc. architecture
Mondays   15-18h
Start: Mo, Oct 14th   15h   C050


Is Architecture ....?

As a contrary proposal to the search for a single and essential definition of what architecture is, the question of 'Is architecture ....?' is linked to the diversity of architectural understandings, concepts, projects, office structures, work organizations as well as various media of designing and planning, presentation and mediation. Based on the example of selected positions of internationally renowned architectural firms, collective foundations of the architectural discipline, innovative concepts and sustainable values and designs are being analyzed in terms of their essential qualities of architecture and their physical and spatial characteristics. Furthermore, their relations to city, society, art and nature will be addressed, questioned and projectively explored in the seminar. The participants will be trained to identify potentials, to expand their knowledge and skills in conceptual forms of action and media communication, as well as to apply them to new situations.

Seminar    B.Sc. architecture
Wednesdays   9-12h   + block course 13th Nov - 14th Nov 2018
Start: Wed, Oct 16th   9h   B063



Workshop Thinking Architecture: In Between

Between the one and the other, spatial effects and effect spheres can unfold which feature particular tensions and qualities. The confrontation, the transition and the superimposition of different spaces gains further relevance in ongoing processes of urbanisation and pluralisation. In which moment does something different work together, which qualities are achieved and how can this be designed?

In the one-week workshop of the Winter Academy the possibility is opened to think about options with which alternative developments and positions in architecture and landscape architecture can be generated, created and strengthened.

M.Sc. architecture and urban design + landscape architecture
B.Sc. architecture + landscape architecture
3x Tuesdays   10–13h   + workshop Feb 3rd–7th, 2020
Start: Tue, Oct 22nd   10h   B049


Zoom. Architecture and Photography

What part does photography play in architectural design? How can the photographic image be used as an instrument for analysis, design, communication and research? And, when do we confuse the image with the thing? The relations between architecture and photography are manifold and complex. Reality is depicted, 'gathered', newly interpreted. The seminar explores these possibilities. Insights will be given into the production and reception of photographs in the context of architecture and will be analysed and discussed on the basis of selected positions with a focus on design genesis as well as on materialised and imaginary concepts of space. Last but not least, the reflective and creative development of one's own design repertoire is activated.

Seminar, block course   
M.Sc. architecture + landscape architecture
Accompanying module for bachelor's thesis architecture
Mondays 17–20h   + block course Nov 25th–27th
Start: Mo, Oct 21st   17h    B063



On Tour

The Free Project offers students the opportunity to reflect on and further explore newly acquired architectural knowledge, questions or methods on the basis of a freely chosen topic. The output should point out special features and potentials of the topic for the architectural design and development of our environment. The process of experience and reflection is documented in writing and/or across media in a scientific-systematic form. Thematic structuring, structure and development paths are individually supervised. The project work can be used to develop a deeper understanding of the conception, implementation, argumentation and communication of architectural designs, exhibition projects or written and media research work.

Free Short Project    M.Sc. architecture and urban design
Tuesdays   13–17h   every two weeks
Start: Tue, Oct 22nd   13h   B063



Future of Architecture

To forge special sensitivities for the architectural needs of tomorrow and a critically enthusiastic approach to the future is both an essential and complex design concern in architecture and a basis for the creation of something that matters. In the context of different cultural changes perspectives which go beyond the limits of preset schemes have gained an increasing relevance in current discourses, processes and projects. Revolving around the thematic field `Future of architecture´ scientific based architectural knowledge and alternative design models in the field of architecture and urban design will be scrutinized and developed. Both a systematic and open approach form the specific character of this project which is conducted by individual research questions. Goals may include e.g. to investigate the relevance and shape of new typologies of habitat or the character of transformations of the already existing built environment, to scrutinize the relations of aesthetics and sustainability in architecture or to look for changes that may be innovational in the realm of education, discourses and practices in architecture. The output should present diverse potentials and be reported in written form and other media (research portfolio with text I visualization). Students will have the opportunity to strengthen their design attitude and composition skills as well as to improve their scientific competences. 

Free Long Project – Reflexive Design
M.Sc. architecture and urban design
Tuesdays   13–17h   every two weeks
Start: Tue, Oct 22nd   13h   B063


Design and Resources

The relevance of the thematization and treatment of the connections between 'design and resources' goes far beyond building technologies and thinking in terms of material consumption and cycles. Spatial, anthropological, socio-cultural, functional and design dimensions play an increasing role when it comes to the innovative and responsible design of future habitats. The workshop offers a discussion platform for the development and exploration of various basic assumptions, values and design strategies and actively accompanies the nomination process of the same titled professorship.

Seminar   M.Sc. architecture and urban design + B.Sc. architektur
5x Tuesdays   8:30–10h   + Dec 18th/19th (by appointment)
Start: Tue, Oct 22nd   8:30h   B063