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Praktiken Reflexiven Entwerfens
Entwerfendes Forschen I Forschendes Entwerfen
in Architektur und Landschaftsarchitektur

Editor: Margitta Buchert
ISBN 978-3-86859-455-3

The publication gives insight to a broad range in research design and design research and the relations of thinking, acting and knowledge in architecture and landscape architecture. Where in design do we find aspects of research and where the creative processes in design-related research? Which aims are related to this? Similarities and differences in generating knowledge and the gain resulting in such perspectives, become visible and comparable. The essays show a range of reflexive practices to generate knowledge and design. It includes the cycle from analyzing and synthesizing, thinking, inventing, specifying, implementing and communicating.

With contributions by Katja Benfert, Christoph Grafe, Hilde Léon, Lara Schrijver, Michael Schumacher, Christiane Sörensen and Margitta Buchert.



Reflexive Design
Design and research in architecture

Editor: Margitta Buchert
ISBN 978-3-86859-298-6

REFLEXIVE DESIGN defines an integrative approach, both in theory and in practice, to the emergence and interpretation of design and research in architecture. The formative role of research-based design strategies, with regard to architectural developments from modernity to the present day, has not yet been fully recognized. At the same time, in recent years increasing importance has been accorded to discourses about design theory. At the interface of these two contexts, the contributions in the book portray the wide spectrum of creative and cultural aspects of reflexivity and reflexive design processes, as well as the potential opened up by different methods of creation and by the unexpected connections between theoretical knowledge and project ideas in architecture.

With contributions by Christoph Grafe, Alban Janson, Wolfgang Jonas, Lara Schrijver, Angelika Schnell, Manuel Scholl, Ullrich Schwarz, Sophie Wolfrum and Margitta Buchert.



Simply Design
Ways of shaping architecture

Editors: Margitta Buchert, Laura Kienbaum
ISBN 978-3-86859-222-1

Simply Design approaches design from the point of view of architectural theory, clarifying the relevance of design elements and providing a reference framework for them. It proposes a methodological approach that focuses on the design process, group-ing a range of architectural design concepts, strategies, and methods into five approach-es. The subjects of creating place, programming, forming + joining, choreographing, and staging are presented as an open and non-hierarchical system, based on examples of architectural projects. This book explains concepts and ideas, describes design methods, and illuminates their complex interrelation, in order to extract transferable design approaches, open up ideas, and provide inspiration. This key publication is targeted towards architects, students, and those interested in the theory and practice of architecture.

With contributions from Margitta Buchert, Verena Brehm, Felix Hoepner and Laura Kienbaum.



In Motion
Architecture and Art

Editors: Margitta Buchert, Carl Zillich
ISBN 978-3-939633-68-6

From philosophical, architectural and fine art perspectives, In Bewegung… presents contemporary intellectual and creative potentials in a dialogue with movement, its complex perceptions and effects. Contributions by international protagonists range from imaginary, media, and constructed transformations to space-consuming structures and processes, and the dynamic interplay of situations and places. All this offers the reader fascinating, unexpected experiences of contemporary conditions on the move.

With contributions by Margitta Buchert, Christopher Dell, Maurizio Ferraris/Christophe Hutin, Peter Kogler, Beat Mathys, Ilona Németh, Paul Robbrecht, Clemens von Wedemeyer.



Architecture and Art

Editors: Margitta Buchert, Carl Zillich
ISBN 978-3-939633-14-3

Body and space - each is inconceivable without the other. But how does their relationship change when viewed from an architectonic, philosophical or artistic perspective? Performativ? presents the positions of key international figures, revealing insights into their creative artistic and scientific approaches. The contributors are concerned to shape physical reactions, for example, to construct volumes or examine bodies in a state of experience. The dynamic concept of reality behind these diverse starting points is shown clearly in the artworks of Thomas Bayrles, the architectonic projects of Philippe Rahm or the philosophical discourse of Heinz Paetzold. The introductory essay offers a trans-disciplinary survey; a final discussion among the contributors pinpoints productive interfaces between architecture and art.

With contributions by Margitta Buchert, Beatrix von Pilgrim, Oliver Thill, Thomas Bayrle, Maurer United Architects, Heinz Paetzold, Bernhard Leitner, Philippe Rahm und Ludger Schwarte.


Architecture and Art

Editors: Margitta Buchert, Carl Zillich
ISBN 978-3-939633-03-7

It is well known that architecture and art have numerous points of contact and various common grounds. The volume "Inklusiv. Architektur und Kunst" addresses the question of the different ways in which artists, architects and theoreticians can deal with the problems of creation, perception and the adoption of (living) space, by providing numerous examples of individual contemporary works. Nine international positions – including works by artists such as Simon Ungers, Lars Spuybroek, Hannes Böhringer – are presented in detail and commented on in several illustrated essays. The introduction essay provides the necessary cross-disciplinary overview, while a discussion among the participants opens up new and surprising perspectives of architecture and art. With the friendly support of the Fritz Thyssen Foundation.

With contributions by Simon Ungers, Claudia Meixner, Hannes Böhringer, Stephen Craig, Allison Brown, Margitta Buchert, Eberhard Eckerle, Lars Spuybroek and Klaus Englert.


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