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Learning from Modernity

Introduction into the history and theory of architecture, the city, landscape and arts from the beginning of modernity to the present using the example of ideas, processes and projects that came into operation globally and locally with the development and transformation of modernism. Central topics and works are introduced and discussed with regard to the complex historical and transdisciplinary coherences as well as their relevance for contemporary practices of architecture. Based on comprehensive and thematically structured lectures, tutorials focus on and develop further specific aspects through readings and case studies.

Lecture, Seminar and Tutorial



Design Methodology

Ways of shaping architecture will be presented by using examples from the history and the present of architecture, landscape and the city. Thematically structured lectures focus on cultural significance and fields of application of design paradigms as well as on specific procedures and patterns of thought. By linking ideas, design components and case studies practices enlarge upon and discuss methods in regard to its viability, transferability, and its cultural range.

Lecture, Seminar and Tutorial

Exhibitions 2019, 2018, 2017, 2013, 2011, 2010



Architectural Concepts and Media

Brief introductions focus on the relationship of conception and communication of architecture and planning ranging from theoretical definitions to practical interpretations and applications. The course gives insight into meaning, impact and range of various forms of conception and presentation of architecture in the context of different fields of activity. Interpretation and presentation of selected examples train practice-related rhetoric and communication skills.


18/19   Freespace
17/18   Mies Reloaded
16/17   Reporting from ...
15/16   All the World's Futures
14/15   Fundamentals


Design and Aesthetics 

The course examines and compares different approaches to design and the use of design parameters in terms of their complexity and impact, and in the context of architecture, urban and landscape design, and art. Comprehensive aspects relating to both perception and qualitative design will be studied and discussed in a broader cultural context, deepening and expanding knowledge by comparing works and ideas.


18        Urban Architecture: Dense and Complex
16/17   Site-Specific
15/16   Dwelling Differently
15        The Things Surrounding Me
14/15   Palimpsests