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EU project
Communities of Tacit Knowledge

'TACK' is an innovative and newly EU-funded research and training network initiated by ten major academic institutions in Europe. The aim of this project is to train young scientists to analyse, understand and apply the specific knowledge used by architects in the design of buildings and cities.

Applications for PhD positions is now open.

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Courses winter 19/20

Learning from Modernity
Lecture/tutorial, Bachelor

Is Architecture ....?
Seminar, Bachelor

Thinking Architecture: In Between
Workshop, Master/Bachelor

Zoom. Architecture and Photography
Seminar, Master/accompanying module for B.Sc. thesis

On Tour
Short Project/Master

Future of Architecture
Long Project/Master

Design and Resources
Studium generale, Master/Bachelor




Summer academy Thinking Architecture

Guest critique + lecture

Dominic Sackmann
Sackmann Payer, Berlin

July 26th, 2019  10h 
Herrenhäuser Str. 8  C150




Flanders: Brussels . Antwerp . Ghent

May 16th–19th, 2019
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9th Symposium & PhD Peer Review
Referenzen | References

DARA. Design and Research in Architecture and Landscape
April 11th–13th, 2019

Info + Call for Papers



Winter academy Thinking Architecture

Guest critique + lecture

Laura Kienbaum
Sam und Plankton Berlin/Hanover/Düsseldorf

Feb 7th, 2019   10h
Herrenhäuser Str. 8   C150



New a_ku publication
Processes of Reflexive Design

In the publication series on the research field 'Reflexive Design' the third book has been published with the title 'Processes of Reflexive Design. Design and Research in Architecture and Landscape'. 

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Architekture Theory Practice
Das besondere Buch

Ten architectural theorists as well as architects of the lower saxony BDA will read selected passages from books that are personally meaningful to them, as well as explain and discuss the significance of these for their individual attitudes and making. This way, exciting insights to their work and dealing with the medium of the book will be granted whose role is central also for the architectural discipline.

Event in the framework of 'Die Nacht die Wissen schafft'
Nov 10th, 2018   20.15h
Herrenhäuser Str. 8   A209




Biennale + Venice

Oct 11th–14th, 2018




Summer academy Thinking Architecture

Guest lectures

Florian Dachauer
Studiostadt Hanover

Selcan Emer 
Völlmar Architektur Hamburg

July 26th, 2018    10h
Herrenhäuser Str. 8    C150



Publications as e-books
Reflexive Design
Simply Design

A total of three publications of the Department of Architecture and Art 20th/21st Century — issued by Jovis-Verlag – are now available in digital format. The two titles mentioned above are published bilingual (German/English). 

More info on the publications



Tom Avermaete   TU Delft
Constructing the Commons

Another Approach to the Architecture of the City

di6   Lecture   May 8th, 2018   18 h
Herrenhäuser Str. 8   auditorium C050